Oh Sic

It is a sick day~I haven't had one in a while~but it is not me it is my Nolan. He has a cold and a tummy bug. Though I hate to have my kids sick it is hard to hide my sheer joy at being able to take a sick day from work when I am well. Oh the things I can do on a day like this. Especially since he is really low maintenance. All he has needed is a little toast, a little granola and a lot of cuddles.....which I am all about.

In my absence from this blog scene I did accomplish a few things. Like this needle holder for my mother's birthday. She turned 72 yet somehow still dresses better then I ever will. She loved the gift and is an avid knitter from way back. In fact she recently fixed some barbie clothes that she knitted for my sister when my sis was young. My sister just turned 54.

Mom said that she was all the rage at her knitting class when she eloquently pulled out her fancy needle roll!! I would like to craft her another gift for Mother's Day but am at a loss for what to make. Any ideas? She has almost everything under the sun that she needs so it is hard to come up with something new. Other gifts I have made her are aprons, oven mitts (with ball fringe of course), and table runners. What are you guys doing for that special Mother or Other in your life?
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Bitterbetty said…
A Knittin' Tote to go with that darling needle roll?

Thanks for stopping by and welcome back from the blog break. I am off to either clean or go exercise. But I did want to say howdy!
Myshell... said…
Love it, love it...thinking of Mother's Day.
Thanks Natasha!! have a great weekend! Love your YOU photos!!
Jenn Maruska said…
Bitterbetty beat me to it - I was going to suggest a coordinating project tote - who couldn't use that? I bet your Mom would love it!

I really like the ribbon you used on the knitting roll - it looks fabulous.

: )
Lucy said…
I agree with the others, a coordinated tote bag for her knitting or crafts would be wonderful. I absolutely love the colors in yor needle roll!! Beautiful :)

Thanks for the comment about the bunk bed...lol..i'm so glad I'm not the only one in the world that has done that!!!!
Heidi said…
I love the fabrics you chose! Such pretty colors. Hmm, what to make--does she need any stitch markers? I don't knit myself but I've seen them on blogs and such. I think you could probably make them with beads and stuff from the craft store--I bet you could google for some instructions.
Suzie Sews said…
Oh hope your little one is all better now. Love the knitting roll, beautiful fabric. If you have any left how about a little bag, make up case style and pop in a tape measure, knitting darning needle and little sissors and maybe you could make a stitch marker or holder!!! As a knitter this would make me very happy!
We have had our Mothers day in the UK...I was made some paper flowers which really made my day!
Good to see you blogging again!
Anonymous said…
hope you all feel better... i keep on checking (your blog)
Valerie in France

(blogger doesn't let me post my ID !)
Felicia said…
What a beautiful needle holder. Hope all is well in your house :)
Love your knitting roll - the ribon and fabric co-ordinates perfectly! I am thinking of making my Mum a crochet hook roll when I recently saw she had all her hooks held together with a rubber band! I made my Mum a Handbag organiser for her birthday - she has now commissioned me to make one up for all of her friends!
Suzie Sews said…
Your quite again....hope you are haveing fun