My Girl::: Happy 15th Birthday!!!

Oh My Lucy! I am amazed at how far we have come. My little independent, strong willed, collicky, dramatic, night terror having, loving, sweet, sensitive, emotional, did I mention dramatic, beautiful, thoughtful, wise girl has taken all the afore mentioned things that used to fly hilly nilly at whomever was about and rolled them into the most amazing person. Somehow Lilli, you channelled all what used to be emotional chaos and have come away with an inner beauty that surronds you and infects anyone near you. You make me laugh and you make me cry and sometimes both at the same time. You blow me away with your common sense and your wisdom. You are a gift, you are hope and I am so so proud to be your Mom!
Happy Birthday Lilliana.
I Love You~Mom


Anonymous said…
i don't even know where to start..
ahh i would be nothing with out you, for starters.. You have helped me become what i've become. I don't even know how to put in words how appreciative i am for having you as my mother.. I wouldn't choose anyone else in the world! haha as you would say, "rock on!"
Thank you..
I love you mom.
Sarah and Jack said…
Happy Birthday Lilliana!

(And what a sweet comment she has left for you.)
Felicia said…
Happy Birthday Lilliana :)
Rebecca said…
Oh Happy Birthday, Lilli! What a fun age you are, enjoy every minute. And you, lucky girl, have a super dooper Mom!
Valerie said…
Hope you had a great day
Linda said…
Happy Birthday, Lilliana! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Mom2fur said…
Happy Birthday, Lilliana! My wishes are late, but no less sincere that you had a great day--and that you'll have the best year ever!