Summer afternoons with beverage

What says summer better then a cool glass of lemonade or Iced tea? A combination of the two. All the better shared with friends so here you have it my version of a perfect afternoon:

Green Tea Lemonade

one green tea bag

half a lemon

zest of half a lemon

sprigs of mint

Simple syrup or honey(optional)

Seep tea bag in hot water for about 4 to 5 minutes or to your taste. Let cool a bit. In a tall glass put sprigs of mint and fill with ice. Squeeze lemon and zest into your glass. Pour tea over and add a smig of water if needed. Hint: pour warm or hot liquids onto a silver spoon diffuses the heat somewhat. Add simple syrup or honey to taste.



Valerie said…
hmmm this recipe sounds so good to me ! I'm gonna try !!! (I'm a green tea lover )
... and the first picture is it yours ? wow it looks out of the Sundance catalog ! love it !!!
Katie Jean said…
sounds like a great recipe. I really have to try that!
Anina said…
This sounds so refreshing on a hot day.
Gorgeous aqua chair! I'll have to try that recipe. I have tons of green tea and I aways have lemons on hand. Sounds yummy, thanks!

Felicia said…
Looks like a wonderful afternoon :)
Dee Light said…
Green Tea Lemon Aid!!! Sounds "Cool"!!! I'll have to try it.
beki said…
It indeed looks perfect!