Happy 1yr Blog-averary

Wow has this month flown by!! I thought I'd pop in just in case anyone else still checks in on me. I am really excited because something is soon to be on its way to me. Oh what is it you wonder? I am not going to say just yet but it will make things look different around here!!

So in other news one year ago today I posted my first post! I remember how inspired I was then, how excited I was to share the things I was doing and how totally amazed I was by the wealth of talented people who reside in the blogisphere. I am impressed that I have kept up with it, aside from recent and occasional lags. For the most part it is all you wonderful bloggers that inspire me to keep going.

In celebration of my 1yr:

Evoked by color
Woke from slumber

Fingers ache
To create

Textiles take shape
Pieced together

Threads of love
Stitch by stitch

The legacy
Of a crafty life


jessi said…
Happy Anniversary!! I did realize when I saw your blog come up on bloglines that I hadn't seen you in a while and now I can't wait to see what's coming. And, I love your poem!
Anina said…
Yes, we're still checking in! I love the poem and can't wait to see what you've got coming.
Judy said…
Well... It's about time.. you came back on line ....I've missed you..
Sarah and Jack said…
Happy Blogiversary!

(Even if silly bloglines thinks that everyone has 100 new posts this morning.)
Felicia said…
Yeah, I'm checking on you :) Happy Blogaversary! :)
Katie Jean said…
happy anniversary! And I love the poem too!
linda t said…
Happy Blogiversary!!
Love your blog!
Keep on posting girlfriend!
Mom2fur said…
Happy First Blogging Year! Here's wishing you many more!

Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment on the baby bonnet.