Weekend Accomplishments

The snow finally stopped early Saturday morning, allowing for Everett's basketball tournament and birthday bowling party to go on as planned. We only suffered one cancelled birthday party and a foundation meeting for me. School should resume as normal tomorrow. As for accomplishments......

I covered the bulletin board in my sewing room. I would have preferred to have one from here but have to make do with what I have. I was not planning to do the pockets although now I am glad I did. To make it easier and faster I used wool felt for the pockets. Then put a shelf underneath .

Then to keep in the cuteness of it I be-decked some tacs.
I also finished another tote , the green print is from the quilt shop and the purple is a vintage print I have had for years.
I made this bunny from this book, very fast and easy to make, I may have to do a flock, no a litter, no hmmm what do you call a school of bunnies, no wait thats school of fish. I'll have to look that up. Perfect for Easter baskets and welcoming Spring.
Bunny Foo Foo

The weekend was not entirely spent bonding with my sewing machine, we spent some quality time in the snow and I dragged my cross country skis out from the garage and although it is not as easy to do again as the proverbial bike riding it did come back rather quick...what a great work out.... The boys were a bit dissapointed that they could not "ride" on my skis with me


clarice said…
Natasha, your bulletin board turned out soo cute. Great job !!! Clarice
Judy said…
Nice work Tasha !! I glad your taking time to have fun enjoy yourself.You do such nice work and I'm proud you are my daughter-in-law. Now can you help figure out how to post my pictures like yours ????
oona said…
busy lady! good for you! i too covet that bulletin board from shim&sons. yours looks great.
i like bunny foo foo too.
vanessaann said…
you make such cute creations. do you have an etsy shop?
Suzie Sews said…
Just found your blog and really enjoyed reading it.
I shall be back
SUize Sews (UK)
linda t said…
Hey, found you through your comment on Folded Gingam. And I am sooo going to steal your buttons glued on a tac idea!! Sooo clever!
Thanks... enjoying your blog!