Fiber thoughts

This lovely stack of fabric was obtained at last springs International Quilt Market. I was lucky enough to go with my mother-in-law, and we had a great, I mean great!! time. This fabric is the Sonnet Collection by April Cornell (I tried to link to Moda but their web page must be down). Anyway, it has been sitting on my shelf all this time watching me and quietly waiting for me to DO something with it!!. Soon very soon, I promise!!

In other exciting news, that does not include finding my camera-which I have not, Everett not only turned 10 this week he also won first place at the science fair. In our school it is mandatory to participate in the science fair in 5th and 6th grade, but in his grade it is optional. We thought it would be good experience for him for next year and he did so well. The key is the interview with the judges, a slightly nerve wracking experience for a kid. He knew his information and did a good job in the interview! I would recommend the science fair to anyone who has the opportunity to try it. Even to home-schoolers, just the process of how things work and the why, opens a child's mind-there is something very valuable in the simple process of exploring cause and effect.
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Judy said…
Congrats to Everett...I have been calling you guys but no one answers... I remember that fabric I have some too..waiting to be used. I like the new look of your blog.. I wish I could do something with mine.. but I can't figure it out..
Anina said…
Aren't kids great?

I can't wait to see what you do with that fabric.
beki said…
Congrats to Everette! You must be so proud!!
Yummy fabric :-)
amandajean said…
what pretty fabrics! I love moda fabrics.
I am a first time visitor to your blog and have enjoyed reading several of your posts.
Allison said…
It's funny you should mention the "interview" being the key. When I was 10 I was in a little science fair (just for our classroom). I was doing this experiment with a soup can, water, salt, and stirring. When the principal came around to look at it (he was the judge) he asked my why there was frost on the outside of the, I didn't have a clue, I just thought it was neat that there was frost, I hadn't thought how it got there. And oh, what a valuable lesson. I still to this day, 24 years later remember how I felt. It was like I had missed the entire point of what we were doing, and I felt very silly indeed. So, I am very happy the Everett had the complete opposite experience. Yeah Everett!

allie from minneaplis
Hi Natasha,

What fun! I love your fabrics. What great colors. I'm curious about the International Quilt Market. I wonder if it comes to Massachusetts. Can't wait to see what you create!

Thanks for your post on my blog!

hi, I dropped by from comments you left for me (thank you!) I just LOVE the name of your blog and that banner your friend gave you is ACE I too have not yet got my head around making my own banner..,maybe one day!! I'll be coming back for more :-)