Oh what a night

Oh thank you all for your kind comments and wishes of speedy clean up!! I can't tell you how great it was to take a break from working and reading all the nice things everyone said. We are all strangers in a way, yet we all share commonalities. I love knowing that there are people out there that care, reminding us of the truth and genuine goodness of humanity. Random acts of kindness at it's best!! So thank you!
Ash crashed out on the floor with Nolan (below) and pebbles.

I feel like I am moving, we packed up four rooms, a room at a time, pulling carpet padding then the carpet, and shop vac-ing the floor. Once the first room was dry enough we moved the heavy furniture out of the next room and the boxes in and repeated the process. Whew we are both feeling sore tonight. The washers, dryers, fans and de-humidifier has been running non-stop. Oh the electricity. We are all living on one level which translates to about 900 sq feet. It has been raining for two days so our poor children are stuck inside.

However, children being the blessed creatures that they are find ease and joy in this situation! Everett gets to -like it is an honor bestowed on him- sleep on our floor. He is so proud of this and the twins were ecstatic to be able to sleep on the living room floor. Their bedrooms are filled with the contents of my sewing area and the family room.

The coolest part of all this is the memory the kids will have. It won't be that the their bedroom floors were soaked, nor the that they had to scrap up the glued padding-they turned that into a game or sigh, the books and things we had to throw away -well they may remember some of that. But more importantly they will remember the fun of bringing toys into the living room and sleep there as well. Gotta love it!!!


Felicia said…
I'm so glad you're making the best of it. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)
Leigh Ann said…
You continue to crack me up! You have such a wonderful sense of humor and live life so positively. I know this was awful and hard work but you've shown us how to make lemonade with lemons.

Cheers! LA
Anina said…
You are so funny! I'm glad to see that you're taking all this in stride. Good luck with getting moved back in.
Heidi said…
Oh my goodness! What a mess. You are amazing for keeping a positive outlook in the middle of a disaster. This will make a good journal entry, won't it? :) Take care!
Allison said…
You're so right, your kids are going to remember the adventure, the sleeping bags, and camping out in other parts of the house. It's helpful to all of us that you are so positive, chosing to see the humor and the adventure your kids are having. Thank you Natasha!

allie from minneapolis
andsewtosleep said…
Gosh you are definately one of life's "copers". Good luck. Hope things are soon back to normal. Mary