Are two snow days in a row too much to hope for?

There is no day like a snow day!!

I made this bag with this pattern and yes two of the fabrics are hers and remarkably similar to the pattern picture. What was I saying about being original? Sigh, I LOVE her fabrics what can I say. This was the first Amy Butler pattern I have tried and it was wonderfully easy to follow and a quick project.

Being on a roll I made the Bird Bag below, and I really like how it turned out. I have developed an affinity for anything birdy. I hope to make a few more to sell.
Bird detail
All cinched up

One more makes three, the tote below is made from fabric that I have had for a very long time and would just look at once in a while. I embroidered the pocket using the fabric print as a guide. The fabric is a favorite piece that I had not been able to bring myself to use until now. Don't ask me why I just really like it, I have several pieces that I have an odd attachment for, most of which are from the quilt shop I do occasional samples for. I recently organized my fabric (I will try to post pics of that later) and found it was like looking at a scrapbook of projects past. As I was sorting I would come a cross fabric and remember it was from the first quilt I made or a leftover piece from a wall hanging for a friend. I have pieces that are from my mother-in-law or that we bought together at the International Quilt Festival-How fun was that Judy- Then there are those fabrics that I bought just because. I am at a good point now where I am trying to use what I have. I have decided to make a scrappy quilt using pieces from those "scrapbook" fabrics and will add a piece of this one to that collection.


clarice said…
These bags are beautiful !! Clarice
Jen said…
I love all your bag, but expecially the birdie one. She's stitched on so perfectly! I'm going to have to pick up that pattern now...
Natasha said…
Thanks for your kind comment Clarice and Jen. I love the bird one too, I may have to keep it.
Leigh Ann said…
Thanks for your kind note at the pink kitchen. I love your blog. It is beautiful and the name is great.

Those totes are amazing. I don't think I could let them go! :)

Cheers! LA
Ms. W said…
Such beautiful work! It's true eye candy! Thanks for stopping by!