Hunkered down

This is our grill after last weekends snowy blast and the bottom picture is of a cooler that was innocently taking up space on the deck bench. Now we are all hunkered down for another storm. The kids were so excited to have school cancelled they hugged me as if it was Christmas.

Now that the excitement of the children has settled down, I have to
try to contain my own, as visions of a day well spent in my sewing room, dances in my head. I have decided to try the craft sale weekend thing again. It has been many years since I did one, the last one I believe I had created a myriad of children’s clothes and hats to sell. The sale was mediocre and I really did not want to put myself through that again. Alas, I feel that my skills have improved and perhaps the things I create now will sell better. Or maybe I am just an optimist. The up side of this is I have so much material to work with that the investment will be minimal in supplies I am only investing my time. Can you think of a better way to spend your time then creating things?

The inspiration in blog land is amazing as well. This brings me to another thought I have been mulling over in my crafty little head. I see so many great ideas out there that I want to
adapt and make, but at what point does that become a form of plagiarism? Granted the material and design very, but often times I see the same things on different sites that are like twins of one another.

The next struggle this brings is:at what point do all these ideas just morph in my head and am I kidding myself to think that I am capable of original design? Wow it is so hard for me to express in words exactly what I am trying to say so forgive my awkward writing, the writing like my many projects are works in progress!!GRIN!!

I am off to creation land (hopefully) Have a great day!!