Blooming Thursday

So this has been a tough week and I needed some happy thoughts, what better way to brighten up a girls heart then with tulips?

I actully made this a few weekends back when things were a bit calmer, it still needs a bit of stitchin-I'll post the finished runner later- Now if you can look past the smudge prints on the window look at the sunset peeking through! I did not even know that I captured it until I began this post. Small surprises are often the best ones. Oh, you like the teapot in the above photo? In that case I would love to share its story with you!!! That set was my find of the century!! It is Wedgwood contrasts bone china, the teapot was marked $65, the pitcher $27, and the sugar $31.50. My sister and I had stopped in at this tea shop that was closing last year and I got all three pieces, brand new for $32.00. How great is that, I never find these kinds of deals and I am still excited. Someday I hope to find a few teacups. I am not normally the matchy type, but in honor of the sophisticated little set, well I think is begs for a cup or two, don't you agree?

In the spring kinda mood I also thought to whip up a pear pot holder, I had just one little fat quarter of this fabric (kicking myself in the rear for not getting more!!!) so I have a potholder of a pear but not a pair of pear potholders. Hehe


longnecklady said…
Tulips are my favorite and you did a beautiful job. I love your comment that you didn't have pair of pear potholders. That was very funny. It made me chuckle. Boy, I wish I could sew. My mom is a sewing whiz! What happened to me?


Anina said…
You are so funny! And the pairless pear is very cute.
You should check eBay for cups to go with your Wedgwood china.
Suzie Sews said…
Love the tulips, I have just bought a fresh bunch to cheer myself up and dream of spring! The tea set is lovely, I have a friend who has the whole set, it was a VERY expensive wedding present, she loves it so there is no way she would give it up, thats a real find.
SUzie Sews
ps thank for your lovely comments on my blog;-)
Tiff said…
Oh I love the tulip table mat, what a brilliant idea! I may have to make a strawberry one for my kitchen. And what a great deal on the tea set.
Leigh Ann said…
You crack me up!

What a SCORE on the tea lovelies. I don't blame you about finding matching cups.

Your sewing is beautiful and I LOVE tulips!

Cheers! LA
Katie Jean said…
I love all your spring lovelies! I'm laughing at the pear comment as well. Tulips are my fav for spring!
andsewtosleep said…
I love that pear pot holder. The heart is a lovely touch too.
Felicia said…
Pretty tulips. :)