Life goes on

When I began this blog last summer I had hoped to keep it up as a place to chronicle my crafting adventures. This is what I did until that point in October when I became OH so over whelmed with being back in college, being back at work and my favorite role of raising a family. Inevitably, the last thing I could think of is keeping up with this blog. That was okay. I barely have time to keep socks mated for my family let alone keep up with this blog. I was hardly creating anything new anyway. Now the hardest thing to deal with in my life is not my family, my job or even keeping up with the pressers of being in college and writing more papers then I care to admit. The hardest thing for me is the loss of my creative outlet, the time that I have to sacrifice for the sake of all the other things that take priority. I miss that time the most, I long for pins, fabric and hot glue hanging from my lashes. Most days I tell myself…. “Ok, get this, this and this done and then you can have creative time” …sigh usually by the time all the “this’s” are finished I collapse into bed.

Did I have a point to all this fussing? Oh yeah, I am going to try to update this blog again but it may go in a slightly different direction. It occurred to me that I do not have to focus only on what I make but I can write about what I do. At least until my life settles enough to get back to that place where fabric, pins and glue hang from my lashes.

Lucky for me I do not have a following of regular readers who will be remiss by this slight alteration of an already somewhat boring blog. For me maybe it will assist my need to discuss or should I say vent the joys and frustrations of a mom and wife who is a college student and full-time employee. It may also give some much-needed improvement on my writing skills. And occasionaly I do still find time to make things.


welcome back to blogworld. I have dropped by regularly and I am happy to see you writing with us again. t