Mini swap and other miscellany

I am a bit late in posting about this but better late then never as they say - grin- This is what I made for the Club Little house mini swap, I also enclosed a copy of the book The Dolls House and a few other odds and ends. The chair is a recovered dollar store purchase, the little bird bath is made from inverted mini wooden pots and a platter. I made the rug using punch needle embroidery -so addicting- and the framed quilt was a quick paper piece job. I had to of course include a basket of fabric scraps. I hope Laura found a home for everything!!

I was very excited to get mail, (thanks again Shar) such a rarity for me. Look what I got
my favorite is the sewing mannequin I have always wanted one of those!! I had to fight my sons for the little dogs I will have one for every floor in my house. She also sent some mini fabric, patters and a tiny scissors. How cute is the baby cradle? ( The rug, some may have called it a doily in its former life, and the chair I had.)


I finally finished the swing for my Aunts fairies to sit on, it took me for ever to figure out what to make for them!! I really like how this one turned out.


kristin said…
beautiful swap!! i've yet to post about mine too...there just hasn't been enough good light!! and your swing for the fairy is just ADORABLE!!! i'm pretty curious to know how you made it! beautiful work!! :)
Your items for the swap are amazing. I was hoping that there would be a round 2. My doll house has like 5 items in it and is looking rather bare. I loved how you made the bird bath and the fairy is just lovely. Yesterday my daughter made a fairy house outside and said a fairy song asking for a crystal. Luckily we had one on hand and so when she work she found something left to her by the fairies.
Anonymous said…
Hi - I just keep staring at your fairies - they are wonderful!