Halloween crafting

She is a plump purple witch and turned out pretty cute if I don't say so myself-Grin- This pot holder and her matching tea towel twin is from these very talented ladies.

I have most of their books and have made every pattern from this one. The only trouble is when you need a pot holder in a pinch I am verrrrrrry hesitant to take this, but it always seems to be the one I grab. And then immediately wipe my hands on her companion below!!

I am so behind the game this year and near panic about the upcoming season of costume making, decorating, re-decorating, gifting, creating, baking, , putting awaying, schooling and working.......Oh my what a lot to do. It always fills me with if onlyies... If only I was done with college, if only I could just stay home, if only I could manage my time, blah blah, if only I would stop whining (you know you were thinking that!!!).

On a non-whining note- the fabric behind my little plump witch are my kitchen curtains, which were a gift from my beloved sister!! I should change them out for fall but ahhhhh I just love how happy they are. I am afraid they must winter with us and perhaps next year they will rest for seasonal curtains.

<------- Plump potholder's dear twin tea towel or should I say 'toad stew' towel? I made the button on her hat, and just in case you can't decipher the greeen blob she is holding it is a frog.


Anonymous said…
I love how her eyes are wonky - it gives her so much character!