Time flies...A Birthday Wish

14 years ago today...Lilliana LuCinda changed my world, and graced us with her presence. I love this photo of her it is one of my favorites; she is still as photogenic today. A trait she did not inherit from me. Although half of my face seems to do alright it is just the rest that struggles..ha ha... Happy Birthday my Lucy...I love you!!

The one thing I will never forget about her birth was during the drive to the hospital - only about 4 hours after my water broke- I said in a very cheerful voice; "this isn't so bad" thinking to myself, what was everyone talking about this does not hurt that bad. Ha ha silly girl, my mom just kind of grinned in that knowing way - this is only the very beginning of not so bad. Wow what a rude awakening the rest of that day was.

Then, the most amazing thing about giving birth is that it can hurt like the dickens and you wonder if it will ever be over, and why in the world you thought you could do this in the first place and then...... the doctor lays this tiny amazing creature on your chest and the elation that follows makes every ounce of the previous suffering bearable, worth it and oh so meaningful. What a gift!!