Scrappy Thoughts/ Scrappy kids

It is hot again in the mid-west, of course in another couple of months I will be in full "it soooo cold" whine mode.

Being the professional pack rat that I am ( although, I have managed to purge quite a bit this summer) I have a really hard time parting with my fabric scraps. I go so far as to put them in little containers marked with, say .....Sarah's quilt....and inside will be the remnants of a quilt I made for a good friend. My thought is to someday make a table runner or matching pillow for the said project. But alas someday often eludes me.

That is were the little fabric covered balls come in. Not necessarily an original idea but personal enough as they are simply tennis balls covered with some scraps I couldn't part with a, work in progress quilt, of the moment. I have the plan to make a whole large basket of these using pieces of different projects. A gentle and pretty reminder of goodness gone by.

This last spring Ash (the craftiest of all my children) came up with this idea while gathering scraps from the floor. He "pieced" them into this butterfly with a glue stick (my sister’s suggestion). I was so impressed that I top-stitched on them and whoola, his own little creation. As you can see that is all the farther it got but is destined for a frame or a pillow, I am not sure which. There is also a giraffe and a few others yet to be named that he created. He has always been very symmetrical in the things he makes...amazing.


I love seeing what children can create out of scraps. My daughter continues to amaze me with things she has created out of paper, boxes, scrap paper and scrap fabrics. The butterfly is really beautiful. I also wanted to say how much I love the background for your blog.
thanks for stopping by my blog. I traced you back to here. wow - cute stuff.

I will visit often - please come and visit me again soon.