Puppy Love

Who can resist a dog who snuggles with wool?

And on top of my favorite quilt as well, she is so supportive of my endeavors!!

In other news I started back to work yesterday, which is soooooo bittersweet. This is the first summerr that I can remember not having to work, whether it was waitressing in my twenties or doing daycare. It was so nice to be home with just my children. I must admit it was exciting to go back and see my colleagues and begin the preparations for another school year.

The kids and I have begun refreshing our mental academics as well. It is amazing what kids forget over the summer. We are spending an hour a day now reviewing numbers and writing lessons. I give Everett a starter sentence and then he writes a story about it. Those stories are truly treasures. The twins are just practicing writing their numbers the right direction and sight words. I hope this helps them as they enter the 4th (Everett) and 1st (twins) grades. Posted by Picasa