Out of the mouths of babes

So, this may very well be the biggest financial drought our little family has ever been through. Being laid off has certainly put a gapping hole in the purse strings. However just as I was really beginning to bath myself in huge amounts of self-pity the following conversation with my sweet 6yr old Nolan occurred:

Nolan: “Mom” (he says this in a certain way that I know a string of what ifs are about to follow) “Would if (did you see that coming?) My pouch was filled with toooooooooooons of money?

Me (in a very wishey tone): “Oh that would be sooooooo great” To which I followed with a pathetic sigh

Nolan then looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes that conveyed some understanding and empathy on a level far too deep for his age:

"Then how about if you just have a boy full of Love"

I responded to that in the way any self respecting, heart on the sleeve wearing, known to cry at Folgers Christmas commercials (Peter’s home) would and melted in to a puddle but not before getting the best hug a mom could ever want.

The picture is this same child who taught himself to ride a bike last week. He came into the house out of breath stuttering in full force, exclaiming that he could ride a "two wheeler" a phrase we heard hourly for the next week. Mom "I can ride a two wheeler" totally random at any given time. In the bathroom...knock..."yes" "mom I can ride a two-wheeler".

If you look close enough you can see that the bike is actually a purple princess bike which for anyone who knows Nolan would understand how huge his desire to ride was that it overrode his ...I will not be girly..instincts. (a topic for another day) He learned to ride on the neighbor’s bike and the very next day Dad fixed the flat on his older brother’s old bike so that Nolan may ride at last.....Caution to the wind the child is free.

He is the only one of my four who I proclaim is self taught...he taught himself to: potty train, coordinate clothing (at a very young age), tie his shoes, swim and now to ride a bike. Makes me look really lazy but thankfully I have his twin but then again I guess Nolan inevitably teaches him most things. Except when it comes to art :

Ash: "Mom why can't I just ride like Nolan?"

Me: "You know every one is different and has different abilities"

Ash (tears welling): “what can I do that Nolan can't?"

Me: "well, you my sweet can draw just about anything by looking at it and even some things that none of us have ever seen"

Ash (relieved) “Your rights, I think I'll go get some paper"

In my mind: "phew"