A little of this and a little of that

This is the before shot of my dollhouse living room. My husband wired it a couple of years ago, but then we moved and I just got too busy to work on it. I felt inspired yesterday to give it a go and had a lot of fun. I did discover that decorating a house this small can be even more daunting then my own "big" house. I used to have some "hard wood flooring" (thin wood strips) but they seemed to have disappeared. Most likely they became part of an elaborate game for the boys and hence cease to have survived.

This is after the wallpaper and wool-la the lights work. Even at the risk of the living room looking a bit like a bordello I opted to use what I had, until I can replace the wood floor, so a red carpet it is. The picture is not the best but it is hard to photograph in such a small space, if only I had a shrink ray.

Today I am going to put up the crown molding and chair rail, and then I have to decide what to do with the kitchen. Originally there was a kitchen wall, but I opted for an open floor plan. Now that the living room has its colors I will have to use that scheme to make it flow. Yellow? Red? Lime green? Sigh the dilemmas of the interior designer.


Jackie said…
What a beautiful dollhouse living room! I am looking into getting a dollhouse and it's hard to decide -kit, ready made. Where did you get yours? It's really lovely!