Airing out the laundry

I am a bit remiss that fall is so close and this my second week of being back to work, and only partly at that, so easily floods me with the reminders of the stress of last year. Now I have that to look forward to all over again. Juggling work and family, their school, my school and my college courses as well was not an easy task for my family or me. Sigh, I resolve to make this a smoother year for us all. Besides last year was the first time I worked out of my home in a long time and the job was so new and ridiculously over-whelming. Now I have a year of the job under my belt and it should go smoother-right? Right.

I find quilts on the line to be such a peaceful picture, every time I hang them I feel a slight wave of nostalgia wash over me and I take a moment to honor my beloved grandmother. She hung everything on the line out of necessity. I do it because I enjoy the look of things hanging out there and then feel rewarded by the wonderful smell the outside gives as a gift to the laundry when I bring them back in. The border of the angel quilt reads: Faith, Love and hope- this quilt is by far my most favored of any I have made.


Paula said…
I love this picture. It also reminds me of my Grandmother. So "homey".
You have such a fantastic laundry line. I wish mine was like that. I too love hanging laundry even if the neighbors do think I'm crazy. I hope this year can be smoother for you. I find that just getting ready for the school year (and I basically work at home) is stressing me out and time is starting to fly. I love the slow pace of summer.
Natasha said…
Thanks Paula and Selena for your comments!! I wish I could claim that laundry line but it is actually my next door neighbors. I have a free pass to it and am very greatful for her.
Laura said…
Oh My Stars! Your quilts! I love the angel one, it is adorable!!! Nice work.