There is a world beyond my front door

I took my niece Nora, Lilliana and her friend to a movie last night. I opted not to go with them, I would have loved to go, but really needed some alone time. I have not been out of the house in weeks, which can be dangerous for ones over all wellbeing. I teetered on that slippery slop after the twins were born. It was winter, I had three children under three, Lilli was in school, and leaving the house became daunting and scarier by the day especially if I took everyone with me. After a few months I started to realize that I was actually becoming unwilling to leave, the fear and anxiety were overwhelming. I knew that if I did not start to force myself to go I would be in real trouble. So that’s what I did-I forced myself out of the house. Slowly the fears subsided and I was able to leave without the inevitable anxiety attack.