A new role for a beloved item

What do you do with an old knife holder from your grandmother that you cannot throw away and a small clipboard? Re-purpose them. The knife holder is a pale pink color and has been floating around forever. I would just move it from one place to the next not being able to bear throwing it out. I was so excited when I was struck with the idea to put a few flowers in it and place it near my sewing table.

Next to it is my new pattern holder, it is an old clip board which I decoupaged papers and stickers to and aged with an ink pad. I used the same process for the boxes from my previous post (I would insert a tag here to that post if I were that savvy, however, I am not).

Our company left yesterday, ho hum, it is so sad to say good-bye. I hate it. We had a nice visit and the kids are in love with them. Ash sat on his Uncle for an entire day. Apparently, my kids do not get out much and are enamored with someone new (at least new to them).