Citrus Salad


I am so excited about this salad. Really excited. I have made it for two weeks straight. 
It all started when Lilli got a cold, her first in a very long time. "I never get sick mom" she tells me.
Then she calls telling me how sick she is and asks what can I bring her for healing. Mind you it is 8pm on a Saturday night and she lives 1.5 hours away. However and coincidently I was planning on visiting her the next day. 
This, however. did not give me enough time to make chicken soup or bone broth. 
I came up with this salad as I was driving. Well, clearly I didn't invent it or anything I am sure I have seen something similar in my recipe pursuing.  I just like to think that I dreamed it up. Dreamed it up using my magic food powers of conjuration. 
 This is what I came up with and what you will need if you also want to make this lovely vitamin power packed salad to bring to that person you love with all your feels. Not to mention a sure way to kick a cold in the behind. 

Amazing Citrus Salad

This is less recipe and more a process then a recipe that is how I roll...

Citrus-  I used a navel orange, a blood orange, a mandarine orange, and a grapefruit
             -cut into bite sized pieces. You will also need a lemon and a lime for the dressing.

Salad- I used the lovely, zippy and tasty Rocket aka arugula

Cheese-Blue Cheese was amazing but feta would also be yum

Nuts- Seriously walnuts were a home run but you do you


Mint-  A few tablespoons fresh and chopped
Zest- From the oranges, a lemon, and a lime
Juice- from said lemon and lime
Acid- Splash of vinegar. Now this is so open it is amazing. I used rice wine the first time, then I   happened to have a lemon/mint vinegar and that was refreshing. You could use apple cider or go   back to basics with plain ole white. 
Sweetener- Optional but because of the cold I drizzled in some honey. This is why i don't write   recipes- I am not precise - I do what tingles my tasters. I made it the second time without any       sweetener- still great.   
Pepper- yup I added it. Couldn't help myself. Seems weird with citrus but I'm telling you it worked. 


 Place the dressing ingredients in jar and pour over citrus or don't keep separate until ready to serve. 
   I kept the dressed citrus in a bowl until I was ready to eat. Then I piled the citrus on a plate, topped it with rocket, nuts and cheese. So absolutely delicious.