::Sunday Stash #4

 I thought I would partake in a little stash reveal. I swear
I have the best intentions...such as when I started posting
Sunday Stash posts. Yet, it seems the last one was last 
April and I only posted twice. Yikes.
 So here I am jumping back on. Maybe #5 will 
be in 2020.

Shall we get done to the business of said Stash reveal... First up a layer cake that 
was a gift from my sister at Christmas. It is call Pastel Pop of the Michael Miller fame. 
It is an amassment of greys and yellows all gratifyingly designed. Yes, I like. 

Next up are a pre-Christmas purchase I made and intended them to 
become Christmas gifts. Oh crap intentions again. The beauty on the top
is Kokeshi by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman. I am a little infatuated with it. 
Under that delightful print is a stack from Riley Blake. Whose designs
I am also a little infatuated with.

 My what big eyes you have..... I was the fortunate recipient
of a gift certificate to Fabricworm for Christmas from 
my husband. (he likes me) 
Riding Hood (above) by Josephine Kimberling, well 
I couldn't resist. And the rest of my stash additions
came from that. Whoot. 

The three crazy prints above are destined to be in 
Gypsy Wife as soon as I locate the book. 
The why of it being lost is a long story. 
I am hoping it stops hiding soon. 

On the same gift certificate I also got the  prints above. 
I just liked them thats why. The green and peach are
by Ana Davis, the pink/purple is by Allison Glass, the pink
and brown is Pippa by Blend.

To round it all out I had enough to get a few solids. 
Now I need to put these babies to work. 

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Cathy said…
Oh my! You've had a lot of fun lately. I adore everything you shared today. Love, love, love!
Ah yes, the Gypsy Wife ... it's on my list to do too ... great bundles of yumminess in this post!
Your stash additions make me smile. They are so fun, happy and explode with color.