Quilty Musings

In honor of my new:: Please Finish tab:: I thought I should have a
go at the X and T block, I am using this tutorial and swapping
 blocks with this talented girl. (Spoiler alert )
However, now that I look at it
I am not sure I like it.

But I am not exactly sure why, the colors maybe, the
mushrooms laying down (cutting error) note to
self....if it says cut on point then perhaps you
should actually cut on point. Ugh

What do you all think? Should I keep it or reject it?
One thing I know; one block in the midst
of a scrappy quilt can meld even if it is uggs-ville on
its own.

Speaking of uggs-ville...
time to begin the quilt for son #3. Ahem.
He is an outdoorsy kinda kid. And loves
all these fabrics. Me not so much.
The dark reds and mustards, pinecones and fish just don't do it for me.
However, I must commence on creating it because it is HIM.

I am not used to working with fabric that I don't love
so it should be an interesting endeavor.

How about you guys? Ever work on something you didn't like but had to finish?


Anonymous said…
I like your block - you've got good complimentary colors and I'll bet, if you continue, you'll grow to like it a lot!
Doesn't everyone have a fish print in the stash! LOL You are a brave quilter - my less-loved fabrics end up at the senior rec center. Quilt on!
Ooo, good thing I loves the first square! Jealous! I actually think the side-mushrooms look like fat/trippy arrows and I like that. ;-)

Those fabrics scream Son 3...I'm interested to see how that works for you!

I feel like 2014 may be the year to get things done/created. Good luck to you!!