Is it really November already?
The cool temps and wind should have given it away
 but it is actually sunny and calm today in these parts.
November has brought a lot to our little family, some challenges and some blessings. Sometimes the worst case scenario can actually become an eye-opening, lesson-learning, moment.
A scratch and sniff sticker moment if you will.
Whilst I was in the middle of lesson learning,
responsibilities went onto the back burner and at the risk of a full on fire,
 I tackled one of them this weekend.
Or doused it with baking soda (on account of the fire risk). You get my drift. I hope.
A friend of mine commissioned a new mobile home for her laptop.
I, of course said, (like a silly little girl) "I can do that, no problem."
Ha. Can I just repeat that? Ha
I had an idea in my head but no pattern. This is a bit of an undertaking
sans pattern, at least for me it is. I am no seamstress mind you. No project runway contestant
But I began.
Then stopped.
 Cut everything out.
Then stopped.
I was stuck on two accounts....
 1. she wanted grommets and
2. I wasn'tsure how to do the handles to
 make them super accommodating for a heavy laptop.

Inside, 6 pockets, divider and 3 pen pockets.
I decided not to do gussets so that eliminated side straps. You can see
I ended up sewing the handles down to the inside panel before assembly.
This decision took a lot of staring blankly and a lot of trips to the
kitchen for snacks and drink.

I am hopeful the handles will hold. Now the grommets were not a big deal but I did not
want them to go all the way through all layers because this puppy has a LOT of layers.
Mostly for durability and stability. so I ended up putting a false panel in as you can see in the picture below- the back of the bag.
Caution: Full Disclosure is coming up.
Okay see that little button on that square of fabric. Funny story. Not really.
After the bag was complete and before I did the topstitching on the opening I looked the bag over for missed seams and any defects. Thoroughly looked it over. So I thought.
I sewed the final topstitching and snapped the bag shut.
Here comes the good part....
I, at this point of relief of being done, realized I put the magnetic snap and closure strap on backward.
REALLY? Yup that is what I did and did not even notice until I sat back to admire my creation.
Re-enter blank stare. For a long time.
I almost took it all apart and then decided to take out the topstitching and perform a
little bag surgery removing the infected magnetic snap and closures strap and re-inserting it on the other side. Hence the need for the fabric graft and cute button. Who's to know. Except you reading this, provided someone reads this.
Now I just hope the laptop fits.


Oh, hilarious! I really like the fake panel {or whatcha call it} for the extra depth and color with the grommets. Very cheeky, hide-and-seek if you ask me! :-) Well done!!

In ev'ry job that must be done
There is an element of fun
you find the fun and snap!
The job's a game