My Little Favorite bag

I spent a little time with my machine this weekend and was pleasantly surprised with the results.
A while ago I picked up this pattern by Kati Cupcake.
And promptly decided that if she could be Kati Cupcake then why could I not be Tasha Tart.
 Of course tart sounds a little more risqué then cupcake (what other luscious deserts start with T?) 
however, maybe, if I played my cards right with that name,
Strawberry Shortcake would call for a chat.

But probably not. Oh well.
This is the inside. I love all the pockets, as many on the in as on the out.
The fabric is Seaside Cottage by Heather Mulder Peterson and I like it very much.
In all honesty and full disclosure there are two things I am not:
 1. a pattern person and
 2. a pattern person who loves a lot of little details.
There are 2 things this pattern was:
 1. a pattern (stating the obvious) and
 2. a pattern with a ton of detail.
In and effort to be what I am not I followed the pattern and
all its details and could not be happier for it.
It was worth every extra second.
The pattern was amazingly well written and this bag is sturdy.
Every detail added to its integrity and overall appearance.

Just look how pretty it is outside!
 I may even make another sash out of the white flower fabric to change it up a bit.
In two weeks I fly out to Seattle for some job training
 and this bag will be perfect to haul my
entertainment accoutrements on the plane.


Carla said…
Good morning. Very pretty bag. I've not ventured into the realm of bag making yet. I really like this one.
Sasha said…
Your new bag is absolutely adorable!! There are sooo many pockets! I love it!!
p.s. I love that fabric too. I really wish I had bought some when it was out. I think I only see one or two pieces here and there now...
Oh, that fabric is awesome!! It looks so thick and luscious...! Did you end up bringing it on the plane with you?!
LeeAnn said…
This turned out great! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's been a long time since I checked my comments and saw yours from awhile back. I decided I need to get back into the blogging saddle.
Rebecca said…
It's really lovely! I love the combo of fabrics you picked. How about Tasha Trifle? Hmm no, I do like Tart :)