Spent a lovely Easter at my niece's new house. They have only been there 4 weeks and the house was all put together and ready for the family for Easter...WOW.

For my great nephew who is also my Godchild, I made hime an 'Easter' backpack.
 I followerd this super easy tutorial, it went together very quick.
I filled it with treats and he was pretty happy with it.

I also made a little art portfolio to go with it.

I am kinda lovin the peachy button.

The portfolio was inspired by the little drawing pad that I found at JoAnns for a $1.
I winged the pattern.
Making a slot for the paper pad,
a clear pocket for dry erase game cards,
and a place for crayons.

Now that I look at it all I think I accomplished a lot in 2 days.
If  you remember I made this for christmas for my great niece.
My sister wanted a few for gifts.
Alas, my machine broke while
 So a few months later.....

I finished them. I made her four because I wasn't sure what she wanted.
I just knew she wanted 'boy' fabric. She took all four.
I guess they were what she wanted.
 Love sisters.
After a whirlwind sew-feast and a holiday my
house looks like a hurricane hit it.
With that I must clean.
What is on your Monday agenda?


I cleaned on Monday also....this week I'm busy with hubby in the workshop....Love your treasure gifts!
Have a super week!
Kathryn said…
I love those art packs! I made one for my niece a few years back but it didn't have that handy little spot for the sketchpad - brilliant. :) Love your "boy fabrics", they're hard to find sometimes.
GardenofDaisies said…
That is a really cute little spaceship backpack!!!