I think I will have Pink

This is my boy. My second to the youngest boy (by 2 minutes). He has been on the go since the day he was born. When they were little I (lovingly) called them my, Seek and Destroy Boys, they were that busy. Walking by 9 months- much to my chagrin. As the third and fourth babies I knew better than to want walking to come too quickly. But walk they did, then run, crash and do it all again.

In 11 years we had a lot of accidents, a lot of doctor visits, cuts, bruises, concussions, eye trauma, pulled ligaments, glued heads but no breaks (except for my oldest son who broke his elbow... twice). Then the phone call while I was subbing in 2nd grade, the drive to school, the doctor, the specialist, the surgery, the splint and now the cast. Pink cast. Hot pink cast.
Posted by PicasaI took several pictures and this is the face that showed itself the most.....The Tough guy. And he is. Amazing and brave and kind and grateful and funny and gracious. All the words the staff at the hospital used to describe him. The doctor told his operating staff to take care with him, "he is funny enough to be the next Coen Brother." I have come to call him my, whirling dervish. He tells me, " this should get him a few phone numbers, anyway."


What a tough guy.....he's adorable!
best neice ever said…
Oh...Ash. My first husband forever.