Value Quilt Finished

 I began this quilt here, I finished it in the nick of time for my niece's wedding. When I say nick of time, I mean I was finishing the binding in the few morning hours before the wedding.

I really loved this quilt, I love the print variety, most from my stash and few I bought because I didn't have enough light prints. Also, a few I bought, special, for this quilt. It took a while, a little help from my sister, and I think we got the balance right.

I quilted the quilt on the diagonal seams and bound it in a solid chocolate brown that frames the quilt.

You know, you make these things with the utmost of love, and it truly takes love to give them away. A part of me just did not want to part with this one.


As any quilter and crafter knows a lot of work goes into the things we create, we give them away hoping the recipient loves them as much as we do. But you have to just let it go once it is given away. While I feel that my creations should be displayed or used in a place of prominence, well that does not always mean that the recipient will feel the same. They may feel it is best served in a playroom, that has to be okay, right? Whether I think it is or not. The giving and the love that went into must remain, unconditional.
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Tricia said…
I see this quilt in 50 years being super soft and a bit worn though having lived though being a fort for fun and a comfort during sickness, being fought over as 'the best one' for movie time and have toughed out years of college when other comforts of home are far away.

My favorite 'covers' are a quilt made by Gma (that she thought was ugly), a pillow/quilt made by Auntie Cinny (I mean, the thing has foot pockets!) and my jean quilt procured by Nana, finnshed by you.