"Oh, you want to give me your scraps?"

My sister made this fabulous quilt, of which I do not have a photo but will try to get one.
 I coveted that quilt like you would not believe.
It was comprised of the above fabrics and had circles.
 One fine day I was over at her house and she gave me the scraps from the quilt.
Good enough for me- the colors....

My scraps and I ventured into my sewing room to see what was there.
Plenty I think.
 A lot of it is Amy Butler's Midwest Modern.
Oh how I love the colors.
I sorted and ironed and separated them into three sizes.
I have plans for these babies and they are well underway.
My intention is to use each bit of this fabric and see what I can do.
Because I need to have 5 projects going at once.

My question is.... when is a scrap a scrap?
When does a scrap just need to be tossed and when should it be folded and put on the shelf?


Paperklip said…
I have the same problem with paper!
Storybook Woods said…
So pretty, quilting makes me want to pull my hair out. I admire you for dealing with all those little pretty scraps xoxoxo Clarice
I use all my fabric - even when they get really tiny you can make confetti out of it or braid them or collage or cards ( I can go on and on ). That scrap pile looks more like treasure to me!
Kathryn said…
I have trouble throwing any size of scrap away myself..please let me know how you figure it out! ;)

I certainly love those colors, so vibrant! Can't wait to see what you create with them!
kristin said…
don't we all!! (need to have five projects going at once that is) whatever you make is sure to be fabulous!!
Jane said…
I horde scraps far past when I know I should have tossed them. It's a sickness!
Eve said…
Hello there Natasha, this is a very good question, I like it. I think if a piece of fabric is a big bigger than your thumb, it's worth saving. You can always use it for doll eyes or covering small buttons, quilting or whatever, even strips to tie garbage bags. Keep saving those pieces :D I'm much like you as well, working on 5 projects at once. LOL thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that awesome comment. Happy Crafting! Eve