Snow Day.....again

School was closed.  To illustrate the mass amounts of snow we have look to the above Photo taken in December.  As of Saturday the snow was up to that next wrung. Look at my little plant holder this morning.....

A little snow anyone? So what do I do with this suprise day off? I have done all of absolutly nothing except sit on at the computer and peruse blogs....sheesh I have got to take advantage of this. So I wish you all....

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Woot, woot! I got to read two entries on your blog today, how lucky am I!?!?

We have a 2 hour early release so 4-H is canceled tonight (I was supposed to be the guest speaker-cool!). Oh well, looks like a cozy night of blog perusing for me, too!!!

Felicia said…
Eek! Thankfully I've got no snow here in the deep south :)