I'm sure!! I LOVE :: love charm packs because well frankly, they charm my pants off. They are cute and square and bound by a simple wrap. I know, I am easy, but really what is not to love. There is little cutting involved. True, true I did cute these. But in defense of Charms it was really quick.

This little quilt is lap or a cuddle size. Big enough to take off the chill! The back is mostly the flowers- a print I adore- with a section of pieced fabrics, because I never do a solid back, never have, I like the element of surprise in it.

The borders are a cozy chenille that really brings the whole thing together. I think anyway. I also think these pictures are a little blurry. {shrug} My camera's flash went kaputz so I do what I can.

What I did do with this little lovely that I don't usually do, or have only done once before, was tie it. The quilting part of quilting has a tendency to bug me. I admire those who love it and therefore, feel it is my duty to support their craft. But with the man of the house layed off and me not working this summer, I had to take matters into my own, capable hands. So I tied and I tied- oh my God did I tie.
Sorry I digressed into 90's music. I do that. Now I have it playing in the background and that is not helping my train of thought at all.
To make a long story short. I like how it turned out and I think now, that the sassy little pink ties only add to the charm of this little number.


Allison said…
Hi! I adore this quilt with its soft colors and chenille. It looks so comfy! I love the hand-tying. It's simple and beautiful.
linda t said…
Oh my gosh, Natasha, i LOVE that chenille border!!
The perfect touch... pardon the pun! Ha!
You are soooo talented!
Sorry, I know I'm late... but how many charm packs went into this little lovely? It is so sweet.
Felicia said…
What's a charm pack? I love all the color combinations :)
Felicia said…
Holy cats! I just googled charm pack and a whole amazing world popped up. Wow, the possibilities are endless!
Charity Grace said…
What a pretty little quilt! I've been contemplating making lap quilts for Christmas gifts this year. just right for reading or watching TV, I think.
Vintage Girl said…
I LOVE this quilt!! Both sides are so pretty. The chenille border makes it so cozy and the colours.....beautiful!! Heather