There's No Day Like a Snow Day!

Edited to fix picture problem...sorry about that
At 7:29 a.m. I was blowing my hair dry and watching as all the surrounding schools scrolled their 'closed', across the T.V but of course not us! Ugh, I thought, "ok one more minute and I will be serious about getting out the door." And there it was in all it's glory:: Our school closed too!!

So I finished this lampshade that I was working on and am rather please with the result.
The tricky part was keeping it even because when I took the existing 1980's accordian shade off the metal there was nothing holding the top and bottom wires together.

The lamp itself was brass and I sprayed it white, it was a cast-off of my daughters. My mom gave it to her but she didn't like the brass (don't blame her). Now she wants it back. Again I don't blame her. Sorry. This isn't the first time she has wanted a cast off back. The lamp below used to have a soccer ball for a base. Again a gift for my daughter who plays volleyball! Again, Sorry-am I mean or what?

I covered the ball with a light coat of white and smattered the base with a gazillion pearls in shades of white, cream and pink.


Kirimi said…
Yeah snow day! Wish I had just half your creative energy and talent...I love to see all your creations!

PS- Thanks for the blog comments, for some reason I'm not getting email notifications so I didn't realize you had commented! Yes, that T. Little did an AWESOME job on our photos, I'm so grateful that we had the chance to do that during her visit!

PPS- The potato gun was laid to rest just this past died from overuse. Time to make a new one and keep the memories going! :-)
Kirimi said…
Now that I see the pictures, I'm even more impressed, very pretty!
Felicia said…
Hooray for snow days! Uh, not that we ever get any down here in Georgia. They close schools for hurricanes and tornadoes sometimes though :)

I adore your lamps. I have a slight lamp addiction and find that I truly have to monitor myself so that I don't light the house into oblivion :) I like how you mixed the ribbons AND the beads AND the buttons. All sorts of yummy things! Now you've gotta gussy up that shade on the groovy ginormous pearl lamp.

Uh, and no, of course she can't have it back!
Breanna said…
Fabulous makeovers! I have a pair of lamps I want to redo, but I haven't quite got it figured out yet, Thanks for the inspiration.
Sophia said…
What a cool lampshade!!! I have to give it a try, thanks for sharing your talents =)