Oh and you are?

Hello- what is up with this vacant lot? Did the blogger move out and forget to tell anyone? Is she coming back EVER? Well and if she does will she return or just humor this little space to appease it?

For the answers to these questions and more stay tuned for the next episode of Soap.

I have a little room to breath- just a little-and I need to be inspired, I need to chronicle our upcoming Homemade Christmas endeavors. I have made many Christmas presents over the years but this is the first year we are all on board in our little family of six.

I have spent a lot of time in perusing the various ideas out there especially here.
I did make this little potholder and hot pad and there will more to make.

In other news we spent some time enjoying nature with our family. We spent an early November weekend at my sister's cabin in Northern Mn. It is very primitive and I mean outhouse, no running water, get there via four wheelers primitive. We loved it.

We went hiking and exploring and enjoying nature's music.

A beautiful snow fell shortly there after, one of those heavy fantastic snows that coats everything and melts away too fast.

And a milestone for the twins

The big #9- can you believe that there was a time when it was hard to tell them apart and now they have both grown into their own.

My little soldiers


Felicia said…
Love how your potholders turned out. They're on my list to make for myself at some point. I can't believe that I don't even own a single one! I just use the towel hanging on the oven handle. LOL

Looks like a lovely family outing there. And what a good experience for everyone, especially the kids, to unplug.

Hope you have a fabulous holiday season :)
Kirimi said…
9? The boys are NINE?? I can't believe it! I remember when they were Charlotte's size and that doesn't feel like that long ago!

Love the pictures from up North, I miss Minnesota! I hear everyone is getting snow out there...they're talking about possible snow here in the valley and COLD temps...I can hardly wait to see what they consider cold :-)

Happy late birthday to the boys and Merry Christmas to all of you!
Katie said…
The twins are adorable...Thanks for visiting my blog!...Katie