Tomorrow is the last day of my summer classes and I cannot tell you what joy it brings me to know that I have three weeks without the pressures of homework. Don't get me wrong I love College but the hardest part is the fact that I also have to work. Now again don't get me wrong I am really enjoying my summer job but I also have children at home that I miss while I am away.

The other tough thing about College is the plain fact that I would rather be doing other things. Like reading blogs -wow the time flies- creating things, baking and cleaning (I often clean while procrastinating).

So yes, you can probably guess that I should have been working on my research paper on "Deep Ecology" instead of making these coasters that incidentally match the throw pillows I also made, which are too big for my scanner. (Would my English Professor have a hay day on that sentence!! I am such a rebel)

Did I mention, again, that I am really excited about something that should be in my hot mits next week?
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Sonja said…
I think procrastinating school work is good for your brain! (I've done an informal study, with myself being the only subject.)
And sewing breaks are necessary! :)
Mom2fur said…
I agree with sonja! Taking a break clears your mind and helps you to think better.
And except for a few missing commas, your sentence is probably okay. Sorry...I used to be an editor, LOL!