Bannerized and I thank-you

Okay I have heard about the amazing generosity of the blog community, I have read about it and met some really amazing and talented people. But tonight was the real proof, I randomly checked my e-mail only to find a gift. A gift in e-mail for goodness sake. All wrapped with my favorite things... Rickrack and Ribbons.... A new banner made just for me by Erica out of the blue. Really, it was a just because thing. How sweet and wonderful is that?

Wait there's more... for only $9.95** I will tell you...:: not only did she create it, just because, she also installed it (I am a tad defunct in the know-how of blogland detailing).

So I say, humbly and from the heart thank-you, thank-you!!!

::Let me know what you think::

Just kidding about the $9.95...Hmmmm... I may have seen a few too many infomercials -mental note:::Curb infomercial speak :::


clarice said…
Love, love the baner. Looks wonderful !!! Clarice
longnecklady said…
That was so sweet!

Love the banner!
Suzie Sews said…
Love the banner, its just fab. Some people are really sooooo nice and kind.
Suzie Sews
Heidi said…
I love it! Cute colors, and what a sweet gift! One of these days I'm going to figure out the whole banner thing too. What a fun surprise for you!
Allison said…
Natasha, I just saw that you visited me at my blog. Thank you so very much. And it's so fun that we are both from Minnesota. I love the banner you received - it's so great! I've been wanting to do a banner, but don't know how - very soon though I plan to have one. I've been looking around your blog and it's very fun. I will definitely be back!
Allie from Minneapolis
Dee Light said…
The banner is so wonderful, and I love your blog title. Rickrack is one of my favorite things!!!
longnecklady said…
Hey Natasha, thanks for your post. No it doesn't have to be with the same papers just an overall idea.


Leigh Ann said…
OMG! I saw the banner and immediately thought of Erica. I was going to show it to her because I knew she'd love it! Haha. It is great. Love, love it. She's THE BEST!

Cheers! LA
amandajean said…
it is a beautiful banner! I know all about being defunct in the know how of blogland detailing...I feel unqualified to blog some days. My husband is the computer guy (and I am so thankful to have him!) and he doesn't know the ins and outs of blogs...yet. :)