Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy 12th year!

2.5 years on so so sweet (Yup that's me with a couple of babies in my tummy about 4 months along)

3 yrs and still smiling
10 yrs and loving it
11 yrs and modeling??? This is an award winning picture take by my niece

and still so contemplative.
What does a 12 year old want to do on his birthday.....well go to the bookstore of course!!!!
My sweet boy, born in a storm -has been the epitome of calmness and light his whole life. The love I have for you dear son, is deeply woven in every fiber of my being.

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Sarah and Jack said...

Hapde Burfday to your growing baby!

Judy said...

O Happy Day....Everett.. is such a sweet boy...I love him so much..I ony wish I could have been there...My heart and my eyes weep..I miss you all so....

Kirimi said...

Happy Birthday Ev!!

t. little said...

Man, I need to update my calendar!!! Happy birthday to him!!!!!!!!

Felicia said...

Well happy birthday to that cutie cakes :)

Vintage Girl said...

Happy Birthday! My daughter is turning twelve next month and it's amazing where the time went. I hope your son had a wonderful day! The pictures you shared are beautiful! Blessings, Heather


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