How sad is it when one can relate to a trapped cucumber? Ha. This picture just makes me giggle for some reason.

Two weeks ago a phone call and a job interview zinged me right out of the normality of my life. Today was my last day teaching and working with preschoolers. I worked with low income families directly and aided them in teaching their children, including a weekly class session. It was both rewarding and challenging as most jobs with children are. Nevertheless, this was special, I know I impacted the whole family and I hope, in most cases, for the better. That brings me to the phone call and the interview, which was the morning after the call. Our school was looking for a Para, a position I had applied for a year ago. I loved my job...can you here the but? But it was a 40 min commute, hours were anything between 8am and 8pm and the paperwork, sigh, it was massive. Not to mention that aside from full time work, husband and four little (or medium) ones, I am also attending college.

Enter the 8-3:30 Para position, just blocks not miles away. Home after school every day, not just some, or only if I am lucky I will get home, but consistently. Needless to say, I took the job and that brings me to today, a tearful day, of saying goodbye to the best co-workers of all time, my office, desk, and classroom and on to a new endeavor.

Now the really scary part: starting a new job and if that isn't scary enough I will have to adjust to an entire school of children, of all ages. Ok so it elementary not so bad right, oh yeah enter another.....but I will also be at the high school two hours a day! Wow.

This all brings me full circle to my little cucumber, caught between the comfortable home of the "known" garden and venturing out into the scary unknown. I now will go and get my trusty garden basket and fill it with courage, wisdom and inner strength. I am off now......... to gather.